Doctor Eben Alexander Tells Katie Couric About His Near Death Experience And His Journey To Heaven And Back

People have always wanted proof about God and Heaven's existence .
I already have the Faith (And my own Proof) that God and Heaven do exists.
Being in media myself, I'm a big fan of Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper.
They're two of my favorite journalist in the world.
(Thursday 1.10.13)
Katie Couric's show was about medical mysteries ..
The segment of her show that really got my attention was,
 "What happens when you die" .. Does Heaven exists?
Katie's guest was  Dr. Eben Alexander. He was always a skeptic who thought visions of heaven were hallucinations and fantasies. But a near death experience during a battle with meningitis changed the mind of this Harvard neurosurgeon from Lynchburg, Virginia.
Like I said earlier in this blog, I already have the Faith and Proof that God and Heaven Do Exists!
Now watch these two short video clips from the Katie Couric Show with Dr Eben Alexander talking about his experience.

Proof That Heaven Does Exists

I hope that you already have Jesus Christ in your life.
If you don't, I hope that after watching these two short video clips you'll start to think about having a relationship with God, and an eternal life in Heaven!


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